Super Durable Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping, Self-Countersinking Deck Screws

DECK-TEC deck screws are designed to stand up to the harshest conditions. They are available in super strong 304 stainless steel or case hardened carbon steel with wear resistant ceramic coating layer to resist corrosion.

DECK-TEC stainless steel deck screws are extremely strong. 304 stainless steel has been developed to resist a number of corrosive environments. It has a high chromium and nickel content, so it will not rust or corrode. DECK-TEC stainless steel deck screws will outlast the wood it fastens. It is an attractive fastener, keeping it's appearance for years.

DECK-TEC case hardened carbon steel deck screws stand up to the most difficult challenges. These fasteners are exceptionally tough. Carbon steel is harder and stronger than other materials. The case hardening process further hardens the exterior of the steel part of each screw, creating a hard wear resistant outer layer or "case" while leaving the core ductile and impact resistant. This means it is extremely strong, hard and does not fracture. DECK-TEC then incorporates a 3-step process to apply an extremely hard ceramic to the surface of the screw. Ceramic coating provides superior protection. It is tougher than other protective coating, making it an excellent coating for all screws and anchors. The coating is applied after fabrication to prevent cracking of the coating so that all surfaces of the fastener remain protected.

DECK-TEC screws drive easily and lay smoothly. Use DECK-TEC for building decks or fences. DECK-TEC fasteners are the right choice for installing or attaching to wood or composite decking materials. Use DECK-TEC to attach wood, aluminum or synthetic architectural components. Because of its durability, it is a great fastener to use to install doors and windows when attaching to bucking.

DECK-TEC screws are self-tapping. Super-sharp points eliminate the need to drill pilot holes for faster easier installation in all but the hardest woods. The heads are machined cleanly in a star or square so the driver holds firmly without stripping as easily as Phillips head deck screws.

The superior self-countersinking head design lays smoothly against the deck floor and provides a smooth finished look to fences.

The unique shank design drives easily into place. The thread pattern is specific to the length of each deck screw with shallower fasteners having closer threading to effectively distribute the force. DECK-TEC fasteners are effortless to install, but hold securely.

DECK-TEC deck screws have superior resistance to corrosion. They are available in stainless steel or in grey or beige rust resistant ceramic coating. They resist deterioration or staining. Both stainless steel and ceramic coated DECK-TEC deck screws are ACQ approved for use in pressure treated Alkaline Copper Quartenary ACQ treated lumber.

DECK-TEC screws are stocked in 8 gauge and 10 gauge widths and a variety of lengths. They are manufactured with a unique batch number. Using a unique batch number code, it is possible to determine the date and location of manufacture, ensuring quality control.


Use DECK-TEC Stainless Steel Screws

Can DECK-TEC deck screws be used in pressure-treated lumber?

Pressure treated lumber used to be made with arsenic. Lumber is now treated with Alkaline Copper Quartenary (ACQ). ACQ treated lumber has a very high level of copper. Copper is extremely conductive. This makes it extremely corrosive to metal fasteners, nails and screws.

DECK-TEC deck screws are available in stainless steel. Stainless steel fasteners do not corrode in contact with ACQ Treated Lumber.

DECK-TEC deck screws and BLUE-TAP concrete screws with ceramic coating are ACQ approved for use in fastening Pressure treated Alkaline Copper Quartenary ACQ treated lumber to concrete and other masonry.

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